Why IMC?

IMC has been established since 1991 and our new facility was built in 2007, completely furnished and stocked with Montessori materials from overseas. We have different rooms that facilitate learning, such as the library, the Montessori room, the art room, the music room, the indoor gym etc. The lush green surroundings around the school help keep the air clean, fresh and free from pollution.

We encourage the children to have an enquiring mind and to be aware of things around them. A wholistic learning which includes physical, mental, emotional and social aspects which are the most important experiences of the early years.

All IMC students are taught to respect adults, others and practice their Asian cultures. Once you enter the school, you can instantly see the gental love and care the staff members give to each child which thereby gives the child the confidence to express himself.

All IMC students are able to take entrance exams anywhere and in any school they wish to.